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Ways To Contribute

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Contribute Directly To Uvalde Families

Fundraisers vetted by GoFundMe may reach families more quickly than private and corporate donations. 

Other Ways To Support Uvalde Families

While Never Counted Out is a nonpartisan nonprofit to empower young people through literacy and storytelling, activism is a form of storytelling. We honor any of the families or communities members of the Uvalde tragedy who choose to share the stories of their children, their community loss, or whatever their narrative is through their activism.  We are aware of the following groups that have been vocal about sharing the story of the children and the teachers taken at Robb Elementary School:

Lives Robbed
Stand Together For Change

Online Resources

There are a number of organizations that offer resources to families dealing with grief. As time permits, we'll build on this list.​

FirstBook (Literacy Suggestions and Resource Kit)

Helpful Picture Books About Death & Grief from Imagination Soup


Ways To Contribute To 600 Books of Hope

We have closed donations for this program at this time. If you would like to support Never Counted Out by donating books for young people in schools and programs across America, visit our Contact page and type "NCO Book Donation" in the subject line. Thanks.

"Remember their stories. Remember this dreams."

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