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What We Believe

Never Counted Out believes in the potential of young people's ideas, imagination, and insight to the world around them. Through free book donations and virtual visits for kids in grades K-12, we strive to support critical thinking, connection to community and personal creativity. From the creating of Never Counted Out in 2013, the heart of our work has been to: 

Never underestimate the power

of showing up and saying

that your story matters right now. 

Never Counted Out works to meet young people where they are. Listening and learning from them.  So that someday, these young people will become the founders of innovative thinking whether it is with a pen, paint brush, or building a technology beyond our wildest imagination. When a child has access to story, they have access to the world of what might be.

Reading a Book

More To Come

In the meantime, here's an article about Never Counted Out in BeLatina.

What To Support NCO?

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